Mid Night Adventures…



So, everyone knows I don’t sleep at night. I am frequently out after dark feeding the horses and finishing other chores. Last night I noticed that Jerome had caught a small creature. First I thought it was a rat, but then I saw the furry little tail and realized it was a flying squirrel. Flying squirrels are too cute to get killed by cats, (and it was screaming) so I pulled him off.

The little critter ran up the nearest fence post. By now Milky had showed up to join the fun. The squirrel tried to come down and the boys chased it into the truck wheel. I grabbed the cats and threw them in the truck. I also snagged a pair of sweat pants from the back seat. As soon as I knelt down to see if I could grab the squirrel, I heard the truck doors lock. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!



I once locked Benny and Toby in a running car. I was ready to go and had forgotten something and was going to run back into the house. I thought the door was unlocked, but as soon as the door shut I knew they were locked in. Ronnie couldn’t get away from work so we called our excellent insurance who sent someone ASAP.

Another time I put the dogs in the car and one of them stepped on the clicker and locked the doors. That was the only set so I called for roadside assistance again. Those are the times I have locked animals into the car when I didn’t have the key available. Sadly there have been MANY times I have locked my keys in a vehicle. A real highlight was when I did it twice in one day!!!

Anyway, I am fairly paranoid about my keys, but in the heat of the flying squirrel saving moment, I forgot. I figured the boys would be OK in the truck overnight if necessary. I looked around for the spare key and texted Ronnie to see if he knew where it was. Of course, he was asleep so he couldn’t help. I kept going by the truck and trying to lure the boys to unlock the doors. Luckily they are super nosy. They both came over and even stepped on the lock button a couple of times. Finally after and hour or so, Milky managed to hit it with a back foot and they were freed.

I think the squirrel got away. I don’t know if it will make it, it was bleeding. I was also injured by stepping in stinging nettles during the mêlée. Both cats were fine, but upset to have lost their catch.


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