Well Water Hose Challenge…

So I did my own special challenge, and it is even easier than that ice bucket one everyone else is doing. You don’t even need anyone to film it. First, you should let the hose run for a little while (like by filling a bucket or two.) This will ensure that the water is really nice and cold. If you must use city water, it just will not get as cold. This challenge also works better when there is a lot of water pressure.

Then you take the hose and wedge it somewhere, I used the fence. This is the tricky part. You have to wedge it so that so that it only stays for 5-15 seconds. When the hose springs free you will get doused. This time I got sprayed in the face and soaked down the entire right side of my upper body. In the past, I have taken lower body shots that soaked my pants.

There are a couple other variations I can recommend. One is that when the hose breaks loose, it doesn’t wet you. Instead it pummels the dirt and splatters mud all over you. Another good one involves a hose that has holes in it. If you aren’t too careful, you can get a good squirt in the face or the seat of the pants.

This challenge is best done in the summer.



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